Dragon Flame
Dragon World: Book One
Fire breathing dragons destroy
Talei's home but when she
links telepathically with a dragon,
he explains goblins are
forcing them to make the attacks.
Talei and her friend Adri lead a group
of teenagers to free the beasts.
Failure means both dragons
and humans will be destroyed.
Dragon Clans
Dragons: Book Two
Red dragons rescue Sie, a human
woman, and she joins the Valdra Clan.
The Valdra are outcasts from the dragon
Treaty Alliance, but Sie and Byron, a human friend, work together to
overcome the difficulties.
They believe they have succeeded
but the planet has its own way of disrupting their carefully laid plans.
Dragon Ice
Dragon World: Book Three
Neisha and her people are
trapped in underground caves
in the snowy north. The silver
dragons will not allow them
through the pass to the
warmer lands below.
Tane appears in her dreams
and  says he will rescue them.
She's not sure if he's real
but begs him not to come,
believing if he does manage
to reach her, he will be
trapped with her people.
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Adri's Journey
Dragon World: Bonus Book
Adri's life in a city run by the elders is boring. He and his friends decide to explore the rest of the world but strangers come to the town warning of the fire-breathing dragons. Will the elders allow Adri and his friends to help fight the dragons?
Sue Perkins
Magic, Mystery and Mayhem
For the young and not so young