Afraid her daughter is heading for trouble due to the company she keeps, Kaitlyn's mother sends her to Deden to look after Uncle Clive who suffers from dementia.
Her arrival in the pouring rain sets a dismal start to Kaitlyn's new life. Deden is a strange village with inhabitants who all
have secrets in their pasts.
Kaitlyn and Uncle Clive settle into a peaceful co-existence, but the home help is not happy at Kaitlyn's arrival and
tries to make trouble.
Noah, Clive's social worker, sorts out the problem but is this handsome man more interested in the niece more than the uncle?
Miri inherits a cottage from the grandmother
she's never met. Gavin, the solicitor's clerk,
helps her settle in and sign all the necessary documents.
The isolated village has several cottages, but the none
of the neighbours are friendly, except for one unknown
person who repeatedly breaks in and searches
Miri's new home.
Who is this strange person and what does he want?
Will Gavin protect her now his official duties are over?
Life is hard when Jayden is released from prison. No one wants to employ him and his family want nothing to do with an ex-con. He retreats to a quiet village with no amenities to hide from the world.
Jayden decides the only option is to clear his name. He did not embezzle the money from his employers but knows all prisoners swear they are innocent. Will anyone believe him?
Sophie lives in the same village and is willing to help him prove his innocence plus she has the skills to do the investigation. Their quest draws them closer but danger follows every move they make.
Will their search make things worse for Jayden or will they clear his name?
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Sue Perkins
Magic, Mystery and Mayhem
For the young and not so young
Gemma starts life anew and goes to live in Deden when she leaves prison. Ruby, her support dog is her only companion.
She finds difficulties getting people to accept Ruby is a necessity for her wellbeing, especially when her next door neighbour accuss her of letting the dog attack his cat.
Other people in the village are more friendly, but it is still difficult for Gemma to accept her new life.