Sous chef Kirsty Lawrence's problems begin
when the new hotel manager arrives.
Has she really become so inept
or is someone sabotaging her work?
Reeve initialy believes Kirsty is incompetent,
but feels drawn to her. He puts his feelings
aside to concentrate on why the
hotel restaurant is losing money.
Could Kirsty be the reason?
Instinct tells him no, but his feelings for
her might be influencing his decision.
Travis Denton's arrival in New Zealand throws
Darcy Farrell's life into turmoil. He
states he is the father of her eight year
old niece Brooke and has come to claim
custody of her. Darcy worries Travis
might disappear overseas with the child.
She decides to do what's best for Brooke.
Her choice brings her into close contact
with Travis, which creates a problem when
she becomes attracted to him!
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Darcy's older sister has returned home from America. Kelly seems happy and carefree but Darcy is positive her sister is hiding a secret and this is making her unhappy.
Blitz Series
This novelette is from the WorlWar II Blitz series. 
It's Christmas 1938 and Velma's family is determined to enjoy
the festive season, but Jack cannot get leave to join them.
Velma's young nephew declares that Santa brings
the best presents, but all Velma wants is to be with Jack.
Velma’s family refuse to accept she is now a
young woman and when she falls in love with Jack they discuss whether he is a suitable husband. World War II forces the engaged couple to cancel their white wedding days before the service, putting a strain on
Jack and Velma's relationship.
He gives her a choice - let him go to war as
a single man - or marry him in a registry office without
the support of family and friends.
Can Velma survive the worry of Jack being
at the front? Will it be easier to cope if they are married?
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Phil is left unemployed when his boss sells his fishing boat. He attempts to drown his sorrows with alcohol, but he is attacked and left unconscious on the side of the road.
Enid wonders why no one ever ask her out on a date? How do other women find the men in their lives?
She finds Phil unconscious on the side of the road, and takes him to her nearby flat where he recovers. They meet occasionally as friends until Phil joins the Royal Navy. Enid agrees to write to him and keep him company when he’s home. Although Phil is pleased he doesn't realize Enid has fallen in love with him. She pushes her feelings to the back of her mind, and enjoys the time they spend together, but World War 1 casts a shadow over their relationship. Will Enid reveal her love for Phil before he goes off to war?
This story is loosely based on my grandparents love story, although names have been changed. The boxes sailors took to sea for their personal belongings was a ditty box, hence the title.
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Sue Perkins
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