The Sixth Key - Love on a Magical Planet

Kidnapped, taken to another planet - how much worse can Riley's life get?
The kidnapper is her boyfriend Jothur and Sacral is his home planet. The castle inhabitants are psychic, mainly telepaths, and they are at odds with the Mutes in the forest. The psychics' plan is to discover how Riley blocks her thoughts. This will help them completely eradicate the Mutes who are a mixture of free telepaths and non-telepaths.
Riley seeks help from the Mutes and meets Tynan, their leader. She hopes he will help her escape the tests the telepaths want to do. Instead she discovers the magic of Sacral is dying due to an imposter being on the throne.
Riley and Tynan work together to discover the real king and place him on the throne. Part of the plan relies on Riley returning to the castle to delve for more information. Will she survive or will her mind be torn apart by the tests?
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The Queen's Ring - Prequel to The Sixth Key
To save her husband and son, Alivet must agree to abandon her family and become the queen of her husband's brother.
Unable to save her family, Alivet makes one last stand to thwart the King's plans for the future.
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Sue Perkins
Magic, Mystery and Mayhem
For the young and not so young